There are a lot of apps out there to help you choose a destination, so many in-fact it can be a bit daunting. Google this week has thrown its hat into the ring with a new tool that allows users to search and compare destinations without a third party app.

They are calling it ‘Google Destinations’, and it works as simple as searching in your mobile a location.

Google destinations

Google says you just need to search a keyword of where you would like to go or see, for example: ‘spain surfing’ or ‘new zealand hiking’. The tool had a soft launch in november last year, and with refinement is now available to the public with added features. One of the main features being a new ‘Suggested Itineraries’ tool.

So what is suggested itineraries? Google wants you to think of it as a digital trip recommendation tool in your pocket and where you need it. The itinerary tool lets you search one destination then plan a route from one to the next. For example: If you want to spend 1 week in Australia, Google will give you popular routes with information on how long it will take to travel between cities or destinations.

Google destinations

Google Destinations also has a feature to help you see the weather, season temperatures and average costs for that month for accomodation and flights.


The advantage of these tools from Google is the vast data the internet search giant can crunch in order to get the most accurate information.

Google says the destinations tool allow you to search activity information too, such as hiking, biking, surfing and more. Each region has been set up differently to represent the unique activities and tours and sights on offer.

How it works:

What are your thoughts on the new Google Destinations? Will it replace other apps? Will you use it?

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