There’s no hard way to spin it – the recent US electronics ban has been nothing short of a disaster for long-haul and business travellers. The executive ban on laptop and tablet devices caused immediate confusion and anger among passengers and major airlines. While it’s unsure how long the ban will remain, many officials and leaders in the travel industry are calling for it to end.

Emirates has stepped into the mess, finding a way to accommodate passengers and still keep within the restrictions placed on them by the government…

The Dubai-based airline has started a new service to allow passengers to use their laptops and tablets right up to the boarding call. If you’re in a boarding area or the lounge, you will be able to use your device to the last minute possible. At boarding, the airline has hired extra staff to collect your device as you enter the gate and return it to you upon leaving the aircraft.

This service requires Emirates to hire extra staff and also purchase padded boxes to pack the devices into for safety and care. So what’s the cost? Nothing! Thanks Emirates! xo

It’s clear the airline isn’t a fan of the recent restrictions, however, is working to ensure passengers can still get the most use of their devices to the last minute possible. The airline ran a light commercial to poke fun at the ban this week, featuring Jennifer Aniston:

“Over 2500 channels of the latest movies, box sets, live sports and kids TV,” the airline TVC boasts in the commercial.

Emirates isn’t the only one poking fun at the new rules… Royal Jordan is known for political humour on their twitter feed:

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