What’s on your bucket list? It’s a challenging question statement we’ve probably heard before at a social gathering, from a friend, or that guy on the TED video.
We all have dreams, both big and small. Some dreams we push to the side, while others take up the real estate of our mind until we find the courage to begin to act upon them.

You know, there’s an old saying – “a goal that’s not written down is just a wish” and it holds to be likely true. The power of a dream can never be fully realised until we put it into practical action, and that’s gonna take some goals, planning and effort…

Now let’s bring it back to the question – what’s on your bucket list?

A few ideas may come to mind, some immediately and others might take a moment to dig deep. To cast a wide net, I can safely bet most buckets will include some form of travel, a new car, owning a home or something of indulgence. Others may be built around life ‘moments’ such as graduating, achieving or celebrating something. If you ask your friends this questions you will be surprised at the vast depth of bucket list ideas and dreams.

So where does accomplishing bucket lists and technology intersect? Until this point, nothing out there has been of help. That’s where a new app steps in…

If you’ve been wondering why things have been a tad quiet on the blog in the recent few months, it’s because of this bucket list question we’ve been trying to solve…

Our blog founder Lachlan Nicolson, is the cofounder of a new iPhone app called Squirrel.

In a nutshell, (oh dear the puns have started already) this app helps you get more out of life by achieving what’s on your bucket list. Pretty cool, huh?

squirrel app

Creating a new bucket list is easy!

Squirrel lets you discover a huge range of bucket list ideas made by others, or build your own from scratch straight from your mobile or by converting your Pinterest boards. Yep, you heard me – you can finally get your ideas off Pinterest and start putting them into real action.

The point of the app is to get your bucket list ideas into action. You might be thinking of buying a new house, or having a baby, or travelling overseas – or even just getting that dream handbag… Whatever it is, the app is designed to help you plan it, save for it and share it with others. Some apps out there let you jot down ‘goals’ but none actually help you comprehensively itemise, cost and save towards your bucket. We believe Squirrel is the first app to get you ticking off life’s bucket lists for good.

Helping millions more get more outta life!

One of the golden nuts of Squirrel is the connection to bank accounts. Using bank-level security from a world leader, you can sign into any bank account and use real account balances to vitally squirrel away savings towards your bucket lists. This helps you actually track your progress based on a total cost from all the bucket items.

The app is currently available for iOS on the Australia App Store. DOWNLOAD

squirrel app bucket list tokyo

Plan for it, save for it and share it with your world.

We recommend signing up here to the Squirrel Newsletter. If you love jaw-dropping travel photos it’s definitely worth following @squirrellers on Instagram too!

We hope you enjoy Squirrel – From the AusTraveller founder, Lachlan.

squirrel bucket list app free ios

PS – We’re not ditching this blog! Keep coming back for more great Aussie travel content!

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