We all love the feeling of strapping into a flat metal bird, soaring into the upper troposphere and beating the sun itself to the other side of the world in just under a day… The downside however, of travel, is the medical effects of Jet Lag that hammer us after our globe trotting lifestyle is completed. Here’s where Airbus are making it easier for our bodies and mind…

Recently Airbus announced the development and release of their new A350 XWB aircraft fleet, which comes with a variety of features and technology advancements that will help with the effects of jet lag and fatigue.

Airbus A350

Airbus’s innovation to ease Jet Lag:

The main feature is the new LED light system onboard the aircraft. This complex light system can produce over 16 million different light colour combinations that will work on a scheduled cycle. What does this mean exactly? Your flying route will be calculated based on the timezone direction, where the aircraft light cycle will rotate on a schedule that is more friendly for your natural circadian rhythm.

The light during day time will reflect the suns natural glow, to help your body produce the right traces of melatonin when you’re supposed to be awake. While the cycle won’t be perfect to your natural rhythm (you can’t change the fact you will arrive at a new timezone) it will help reduce the effects by finding a middle ground and easing your body into the new timezone better.

new LED lighting Airbus

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The new aircraft will feature 53% light weight carbon-fibre plastic, dramatically reducing the weight of the aircraft. How does this help the passengers you ask? The material is less prone to corrosion than aluminium, so moisture is less problematic. The lack of moisture in an aircraft is one of the effects that increase travel fatigue and the ability to sleep and stay hydrated on a flight. This is because of the altitude cabin pressure, however the new A350 will reduce the cabin pressure 2,000 feet to 6,000 feet.

The change in pressure, combined with a new advanced air filter technology will help you feel more energised, hydrated and relaxed. An Airbus spokeswoman said the new air filter will improve the quality of the air in the plane, helping passengers get a better nights rest onboard.




Other features in the plane include wider seating space across the body of the plane, and a noise-reduction inside the aircraft from new material in the fuselage.

I think we all agree, less noise, cleaner air and intelligent body cycle lighting will make the future of travel more enjoyable… Thanks Airbus!


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