Voted as World’ Best Airport by Smart Travel Asia, Hong Kong International Airport boasts a huge range of attractions and amenities. While many use HKIA as a stop or lay-over, there’s no excuse for boredom within these terminals.

The first thing to know if you’ve never flown into Hong Kong Airport is that it’s huge. There are two terminals that together cover over 700,000 square meters of floor area. In terminal 1 (the primary) there are over 200 retail shops to browse and 60 catering outlets to try a slice of Hong Kong cuisine.

The airport connects over 190 destinations, giving capacity to an average 1100 flights daily. In 2015 over 68 million transferred through the terminals, It’s no wonder there’s over 70,000 workforce needed! If you’re staying overnight and need a hotel then you’re best staying in either Regal Airport Hotel or the SkyCity Marriott Hotel, both connected to Terminal 1 by foot walkway.

Now you know the backstory, heres 5 things to see and do while at HKIA:

1 Catch a movie at iMax

Got a few hours to spare? Head over to UA iMax Cinema in Terminal two and catch a movie on the huge 64 feet screen! – Location: Shop 6059, Level 6, Terminal 2

2. Relax in Plaza Premium lounge

Pamper yourself in the Plaza lounge, open 24/7 by gate 40. Enjoy fresh food, drinks, a relaxing and warm environment to kick back your feet. Take a shower, or book a spa/massage. If you’re needing a workspace then Plaza provides great facilities to help you stay focused, productive and relaxed. – Location: Take escalators near Gate 40, Terminal 1

plaza premium hong kong

3. Grab the best bites at Tsui Wah eatery

For some of the best Hong Kong styled Western food hit up the Tsui Wah eatery in the main food court. Savour the famous local crispy bun, traditional milk tea or Hainan chicken rice. – Location: Shop 7E180, Departures East Hall, Terminal 1

4. Try local tea at Fook Ming Tong tea shop

Took Ming Tong has a large range of exotic and local teas to sample and purchase. Explore the plethora of Chinese tea flavours and tea culture. – Location: Shop 7E143, Terminal 1

what to do at hong kong airport

5. Game away at I-Sports

Ready for some fun? Head over to terminal two and try your e-sport skills at the arcade. The gaming centre features race cars, football championships, pirate adventures and interaction simulation games. – Location: Shop 6003, Level 6, Terminal 2


Sweet, you’re now a pro at this. Enjoy your flight and be sure to connect with us on Facebook or subscribe to our email list for our monthly travel digest with exclusive content.

Thanks to Henry Lawford for the cover photo. via Flickr