Healthy Travel Tips

Healthy travel tips

Flying is the best method of long-distance travel. It’s fast, and increasingly affordable Flying isn’t always the most comfortable experience, but there are plenty of tips to experience a healthier, more comfortable and pleasant flight.


Did you know you are 20% more likely to catch a cold when flying? It is important to take extra vitamins such as Vitamin C and Zinc the week leading up to your flight. It’s also important to drink a healthy and consistent amount of water.

Make sure you pack comfortable and flexible, light-weight clothes for the plane. Don’t wear anything you are not prepared to endure for the long-haul. It is also good to wear comfortable socks that are reasonably loose around your ankles, which will help with circulation to your feet.

Before the flight avoid salty food and over-excessive caffeine, choose water and fruit to stay hydrated and energised.

During the flight

To boost your circulation it is suggested you stand up ever 2 hours and go for a short walk around the plane. Stretch those legs frequently! It will also give you more energy during the flight and post-flight lag.

Sometimes the water isn’t the best quality on aircrafts. The United States EPA discovered 1 out of 7 planes had tap water that did not meet federal standards and contained small amounts of bacteria. It is important to bring your own water to brush your teeth with and drink as your primary source.

Aircrafts also pose threat to sickness because of the tight airflow and filters used to clean the air. It is a good idea to bring alcoholic hand wipes that kill germs, and use paper towels when washing hands to dry. Be careful and considerate to not sneeze on anyone during the flight and keep those water levels and vitamins high!


After your flight it’s important to take time to sleep off any jet-lag. Try to allow your body some rest, then force yourself towards the new timezone according to the sun. It is important to drink large amounts of water, exercise and be in sunlight during the day. Don’t try to sleep during the day if possible, and eat healthy foods to give your body the nutrients it needs to recover.

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