Qantas and Woolworths are getting back together due to popular demand. Since the axe earlier last month, Australian consumers have been complaining for the shopping giant to reverse the Qantas points decision on their new ‘Woolworths Rewards’ program.

Shoppers will now receive the option to replace Woolworths’ ‘Dollars’ for cash back on shopping with Qantas points. Now the big question is – what’s the exchange rate?

1 Woolworths’ Dollar = 87 Qantas Points

That’s a good rate! Putting into practice: For example this week I got an offer for Lettuce which is $1.50, earning 1 dollar value = 87 qantas points.


That’s a huge advantage above credit card earnings or even fuel discounts.

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Woolworths’ Rewards program has over nine million members, while Qantas counts over 11 million frequent flyers. Woolworths axed the program because it was costing the grocery company between $60 and $80 million a year in purchasing points from Qantas.

“Woolworths’ about-face shows how badly the company underestimated Australians’ passion for their frequent flyer points,” – David Flynn, Ausbt

There will be more details later this week around the formal offer between the two partners. Members today will receive an email with more information explaining the change.

In this case, a mother cooking pasta for dinner (total of $14) could earn almost 200 Qantas points!

In this case, a mother cooking pasta for dinner (total of $14) could earn almost 200 Qantas points!

What’s our tip? Shop now during the double points offer ending 31st Dec! Also be on the look out for double $20 Woolworths Dollar vouchers offers.

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