For too long the ordinary traveller has missed out on what frequent travellers are experiencing. Business class seats, complimentary offers, exclusive lounges and elite privileges are all up for grabs, and the key to is found in your points.

The first question people ask is: What if I don’t fly regularly? Thats okay, how about I ask you this instead: Do you drive a car? Do you go shopping at Woolworths? Have you ever bought something from Apple or eBay? Have you ever gone out for a nice dinner at a restaurant? Do you have a credit card? Millions of Australians participate in all these activities, but most are unaware of the points potential each have to offer.

qantas rewards earn points

Here are five ways to earn earn valuable points through the Qantas Frequent Flyer loyalty program:

1. Earn points by eating out

Do you eat out at restaurants regularly? Qantas Restaurants will give you 100 frequent flyers per diner when you make a booking at a participating restaurant.
There are thousands to choose from across the country and I bet you will be surprised to find (like I was) that the restaurants you have been going to for years are intact Qantas partners.

book online to earn points

Booking is easy and there’s no fee’s. My favourite part is that you receive instant confirmation and you get to avoid the awkward phone call to book where you can’t hear anything the waiter is saying from all the background kitchen noise.

Say goodbye to phone calls and lost reservations, and book online in advanced here.

2. Earn points by shopping online

This is one of my favourite ways to earn. Chances are you have shopped at either Apple, The Iconic, David Jones, Kogan, Ebay or Bonds stores… Yeah? Well when you shop online through the Qantas mall you can earn on average 2 points per $1 spent and up to 5 points per dollar in selected stores. I buy a few products often off eBay (tech accessories etc) and the iconic, and also recently a friend needed to buy 3 Apple Mac products, so we bought the products through my Qantas account (he didn’t have his own) and I scored thousands of points instantly. Qantas also regularly sends out double points weekends promotions – so keep and eye on your inbox!

process to earning points through the qantas mall

Qantas Mall also features regular offers such as free shipping on apple products and discounts to some of the best clothing stores in Australia. So your saving money instantly by shopping via the Qantas Mall redirect!

earn points by shopping with brands online

Remember this is all about lifestyle design for points… I’m not saying take out a credit card and go on a wild shopping spree, but be realistic with what you buy throughout the year and remember to shop through Qantas mall. When you think about your purchases in the last few years you will probably realise you could have been earning a lot of points this whole time. Don’t worry though, Because you now are prepared for that next purchase!

Example purchases…

  • Camera lens $550 off Kogan… 1,100 points (2p/$1)
  • David Jones Shirt $80… 400 points (5p/$1) + Free shipping
  • iPhone 6 plus 64gb $1,129… 2,258 points (2p/$1) + Free shipping
  • Brown shoes The Iconic $89… 356 points (4p/$1) + 15% off offer
  • New couch David Jones $3,099…15,195 points! (5p/$1) + That couch is shipping free don’t forget!

3. Earn points searching the web

Yes it’s that simple! You can install the Freq Flyer toolbar and earn up to 150 points per month just by searching the web. The toolbar is compatible with windows Chrome and Firefox and also Firefox for Mac. I have installed it for Firefox on my mac which isn’t my normal default browser, so I only use firefox a few times to use up my 150 points then I switch back to Chrome.

earn points by searching web easily

Qantas has a great FAQ for more info on the toolbar

4. Earn points by paying your Optus bill

If you’re an Optus customer then all you have to do is logon to your account and link your Qantas account to start earning points! You will earn two points for every dollar on your bill. That’s right – your phone bill now returns you points, and you don’t have to do anything! You can be earning hundreds of points per month just from having a basic iPhone phone plan.
// UPDATE: This ends June 30 2015 //

5. Earn points when exchanging currency

if you travel or have previously, you will most likely have traded currencies a few times. Currency exchange is usually done at a bank or through popular exchange services such as Travelex. Did you know that you can actually earn Qantas points through Travelex? You can buy currency online or at the Travelex branch and earn points at the same time.

This is good news for Australians because Travelex is the largest and most convenient travel cash exchange services in the country and the world. 

travellex earn points

The number of Qantas Points you earn, depends on the amount of money you exchange:
AU$51 – A$299, earn 1 Qantas Point for every five dollars of value
AU$300 – A$999, earn 1 Qantas Point for every three dollars of value
AU$1,000 – A$9,999, earn 1 Qantas Point for every dollar of value

Nothing is better than grabbing your cash at the airport and knowing you have some extra points in your pocket!

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