Singapore is known mostly as the business and investment hub of Asia-Pacific region, however this incredible city is showing its cultural colours of great food, culture and sights to see. Here are 5 things you must see next time you’re in Singapore…


1. Marina Bay Sands & SkyPark

marina bay sands


This $5.5 billion mega resort is one of the most iconic modern landmarks in the Singapore Skyline. Marina Bay Sands is more than a resort and casino, it hosts the top floor SkyPark for tourists to come and get a taste of the highlife in Singapore.

infinity pool singapore

Photo: Sarah A

The SkyPark features a full view sky deck where you can soak in 360 degree views of Singapore city at 55 floors high. You can also pay to use the famous Infinity Pool that stretches 150 meters across the rooftop. Entrance fee starts at $23 Singapore Dollars per person.


2. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

buddha tooth relic temple singapore

Photo: Ryan Custodio

The sacred Buddha Tooth Relic is an incredible Relic Stupa composed of over 420 kilograms of donated gold. The temple is a cultural monument living in the heart of Chinatown district. Inside, tourists can see the 27 foot (8 meters) tall Buddha statue, surrounded by authentic architecture from the Tang dynasty.


3. Singapore Night Safari

night safari singapore must see


Singapore has a WILD nightlife! Take the night tours of the safari and see over 10000 animals across 50+ exhibitions! They have exotic and endangered species such as the Himalayan Griffon Vulture, wildebeests and gazelles. The Singapore Safari also supports endangered animals and uses profits to care and rescue animals across the world.
Opening hours are between 9:30 and Midnight.


4. Universal Studios



Up for some theme park adventure? This first of a kind for Asia experience is unforgettable fun – especially if your bringing the young ones! The park has more than 20 attractions across multiple zones to explore. Stroll down Hollywood lane, drop into ancient Egypt, and while you’re at it why not explore The Lost World? You won’t go hungry either with plenty of restaurants to keep you filled up for a big day of rides and adventure.
The park opens daily at 9am till 6pm. Access via train easily by getting off at Waterfront Station.


5. Marina Bay Gardens

marina bay gardens

Directly opposite the Marina Bay Sands sits one of the most iconic futuristic gardens in the world. Delight in the stunning surroundings from one of the super-tree structure walkways. At night, the 12 super-tree structures which host over 200 different plants put on a light and music show at 9:45pm over the park. You can also experience a tree-top roofless bar with 360 degree views of the 250 acres that encompasses the park.

forest dome marina bay gardens

Inside the greenhouses you can experience high mountains of plants and domes filled with flowers. This experience is breathtaking and beautiful way to discover nature from around the world in one place. Entrance is 28 SG dollars for adults and the park is open from early till late daily.

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