If you’re an Amex card holder and have never used Amex Offers, now is the time to learn about it and start earning cash back for your spending. American Express has an incredible in-built rewards system where you can easily earn hundreds of dollars a year from credit offers. As you earn airline or amex points with your card, you can also take advantage of Amex offers, which credit you for shopping at specific retailers.

In this guide we will show you how to access them and what you could be saving potentially hundreds of dollars this Christmas season.

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If you’re an Amex issued card holder you’re ready to go. You can view offers in the Amex app or online here. If you have been issued an Amex card through a bank (eg. Westpac/ANZ) you can still get offers by registering through the Amex Connect page.

amex offers conenct

Types of offers

You can find offers across a wide range of retailers: shopping, travel, dining, entertainment and business related. Throughout the year we’ve seen Amex bring some great offers with major retailers.

Example of previous Amex offers this year:

  • BP Fuels. Spend $30 get $10 back – x3 uses (this was a popular one!)
  • Myer. Spend $75 get $25 back
  • Qantas. Spent $300 get $50 back
  • Hilton Hotels. Spend $200 get $50 back
  • The Iconic. 5 points per $1 spent
  • David Jones. 5 points per $1 spent

There’s two type of Amex offers, depending on your card. If you have an airline points earning card your likely to just see cash-back offers. If you have a card that earns Amex member points then you may also see bonus points per dollar offers. While the majority of Amex offers are the same for everyone, there are a small percentage of personalised offers based on the type of card you use.


How they work

Cash back offers are simple to earn and redeem. Simply find the offer and click ‘save to card’ to activate it. You will then need to meet the spend criteria and any other T&C’s as stated on the offer in the app (or online). Amex then credits back to your card within a few days. They are really fast at doing this, and we’ve received credit usually within 3 days of purchase. The best part is there’s no strings on what you spend the credit on!


Amex are constantly innovating new ways for customers to earn rewards. It’s one of the reasons we love Amex! It’s good to keep your eye on the offers tab in your mobile app or online every 2-3 weeks. If you’re saving up american express points specifically then the bonus points offers will be very valuable. As for the rest of Amex cards, it’s a nice way to be rewarded. Who doesn’t enjoy a good cash back for shopping?!

Our favourite thing about Amex offers is the simplicity of redeeming. Other cash back and rewards systems *cough* like Woolworths *cough* spam you with emails, make you activate offers on strict deadlines, and can be generally complex. Amex, however, doesn’t do this. The offers sit passively in the app, and you can choose to active what’s relevant to you with one tap. The cash back credit is quite generous compared to other reward memberships out there and there’s no strings to what you do with the credit.

amex connect offers

Our final note of applause is the great variety of retailers. Over the last 12 months Amex has circulated a theme of new and retailers that are more relevant to where Australians spend their money. Subsequently, major retailers like David Jones, Myer, BP and Qantas regularly swap and return with offers throughout the year.

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