2017 brings a host of new aircraft to the market. It’s an exciting year for airlines, AV enthusiasts, and the travellers who will enjoy these latest of the fleets. What’s most interesting is it’s not all Boeing and Airbus this year… Russia, China and Brazil have their own new innovative aircraft to bring to the table… Let’s take a closer look:

Boeing (US) – 737 Max

This year Boeing will deliver what has become their fastest selling jet in the company’s history with over 3,400 firm orders placed. After a long five years of development the first 737 Max 8 will be delivered to Southwest Airlines before mid year.

The 737 Max features new advanced winglets which increase fuel efficiency by 1.8%, alongside other technical innovations that deliver 8% lower operating costs than its main competitor. Onboard you can look forward to a new spacious cabin design and noticeable noise reduction. Virgin Australia is the first Australian airline to take delivery of the new 737.

Airbus (Europe) – A330 Neo

Building on the success of Airbus most popular widebody family, the A330 Neo will bring a fresh range of cost-saving features to airlines and comfort to passengers. The NEO (New Engine Option) hosts two powerful new Rolls-Royce engines, delivering fuel savings and extended travel range.

The A330 Neo will feature the best of Airbus cabin innovation, including new mood lighting, interior design and wifi connectivity. According to Airbus, the first deliveries are expected in the final quarter of this year.

Comac (China) – C919

The C919 this week has moved from assembly to testing, signally the final stages of development. The first Chinese self-made passenger jet airliner will be expected to take its maiden flight early this year. So far Comac has taken 570 orders of the aircraft, with China Eastern being the first airline to take delivery. This will be an interesting year to watch and see if this jet lifts the Chinese aviation industry.

UAC (Russia) – MS-21

Backed by Vladimir Putin himself, the United Aircraft Corporation is preparing to fly their new MS-21 this year in an attempt to lift the countries aviation industry. The twin-engine short-to-mid range aircraft seats between 150-212 passengers and aims to deliver ‘greater efficiency’ against its competitors (We assume that’s mostly directed to Boeing given the US-Russia political climate). There are 175 firm orders so far and the aircraft will test and fly later this year. Delivery is expected later in 2018.

Embraer (Brazil) – E195-E2

After a successful launch and first flight of the E190-E2 in May last year, Embraer is focusing on the next member of the family, the E195. On schedule, the 144 seat narrow-body aircraft will take first flight this year. As for delivery, however, we will see the E190 ready in 2018 first, followed by the E195 in 2019.

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