As a guest of Scoot Airlines, I recently had the opportunity to fly in one of their new ScootBiz seats from Singapore back to Australia. While many think of Scoot as a low cost carrier (LCC) with an all-economy seating layout – that’s not the case.

ScootBiz is a full premium economy class experience, fitted into the airline’s new Dreamliner fleet. Here is everything you need to know about the product and the experience…

The Highlights:
– Dreamliner is really quiet
– Wide seat and good leg room
– Competitive price and positioning as a premium economy product
– Wifi available
– Friendly staff and culture

First on, and first off...

First on, and first off…

The Experience:

The first thing to note about ScootBiz is that priority checkin and boarding is all included in your fare. If you have a printer, you can even print out your own pass and skip the check-in counter all together. However, this would only be ideal for those with carry on items only. The Scoot staff, dubbed as your ‘Scootees’, were fast at processing the priority queue and the boarding gate process. As the first on the plane you feel like a priority customer, similar to if flying in business class. When available, Scoot boards the last rows into the back door of the aircraft to reduce passenger congestion at the front, helping everyone get inside the Dreamliner with less squish.

Each seat has a generous allocation of luggage storage above and a small seat pocket in-front that can fit some magazines, and surprisingly my entire 13” Macbook Pro at one stage in the flight.

Each seat has a personal arm rest

Each seat has a personal arm rest

There’s 35 seats in the Boeing 787-9 with a 2-3-2 layout, all located in a separate section up the front. What was most impressive was the width of the seat compared to other airlines, along with recline and foot space. Each full leather seat has 96cm of legroom, 20cm of recline and 56cm width. Compare this to Qantas and Singapore Air premium economy seats that have a seat width of just 49.5cm on their A380’s.

My brown leather bag that fits everything including my laptop only takes up half the seat!

My brown leather bag that fits everything including my laptop only takes up half the seat!

“Scoot has a generous 56cm in seat width, compared to 49.5cm with Singapore Airlines…”

Each seat has an arm rest and fold out table which leaves you ample room to fit a laptop + your iPhone and a drink on the side all at once. Combine this with the in-seat power to create a great office space in the air and keep your productivity flying high. The table size is generous, but you will still need to stow away the laptop when it comes dinner time.

Stretching the legs...

Stretching the legs…

The food on Scoot is of good standard for a low cost carrier. Airlines like Qantas have nailed their new premium menu selection and food quality, but Scoot for their age and price are doing well to develop the menu and add more food options. If you want any extras outside your main meal (included in ScootBiz fare) you will need to browse the ‘Scoot Cafe’ to purchase extra drinks or snacks.



My favourite snack was the KitKat, and with eftpos available it’s easy to fulfil that temptation of a midnight chocolate at 40,000 feet! The crew were quite fast and efficient to service any requirements or to purchase extra items. This truly was the ‘hassle free’ the company culture aims to deliver.

Power + Wifi = Happy

Power + Wifi = Happy

While in-flight you have the option to stream Scoot TV, surf the web with the wifi access, or catch a good rest by asking for a Scoot Sleep Kit and throwing your seat into recline mode.

Plenty of headspace and colourful LED lighting.

Plenty of headspace and colourful LED lighting.

During night flights the Dreamliner has a unique LED mood lighting setting that gets everyone in the right mind for rest. Except myself, who spent most of the night by the dim lit screen of my computer – enjoying the option of unlimited connectivity.

“There’s something quite ‘cool’ about chatting to your friends at 40,000 feet and keeping tabs on what’s happening around the world while hovering above it.”

The Wifi can be purchased on any device for either 1, 3 or 24 hours. I bought a 24 hour pass for US $22 to keep me connected. The internet is good speed and there’s no download limits. Joining was pretty simple and there’s a countdown home page tab to keep an eye on how long you have remaining of connectivity.


The Crew:

By far the Scoot team are what make the ‘Scootitude’ culture so bright and lively! As I can never sleep on an aircraft I always use the night time to either work, or get up and chat to the crew in the galley. My ‘hangouts’ with the crew mid-air and mid-flight were enjoyable and engaging.

“Many airlines claim they have a vibrant culture, but Scoot shows it off the most.”

The crew are call the 'Scootees' :-)

The crew are called the ‘Scootees’ 🙂

It is most obvious when you walk into the galley filled with their staff smiling, talking and conversing with other passengers. The Scootitude spirit was flying high on this aircraft. After the flight, the pilots were kind to allow me inside the cockpit after the airplane had completed operation. Scoot pilots spoke very highly of both the airline, and the Boeing 787s they fly. In summary, the Scoot crew were fun, relaxed and very engaging. I got to grab photos, exchange travel stories and even add some on Instagram after we landed.

My new friends next to me...

My new friends next to me…

The Price:

The average ticket price for Gold Coast to Singapore is between $500 and $600 depending on season, a very competitive price for a premium economy experience. ScootBiz is perfect for business travellers who want some comfort on a budget. Scoot has a good digital marketing focus so I highly recommend signing up for their email subscription here to receive frequent offers and specials.

“ScootBiz is perfect for business travellers who want some comfort on a budget.”

Scoot regularly run specials, and give out voucher codes through their email subscriber network. You can also set up a price watch alert through their website. When booking make sure you download their app to keep your flight itinerary close at hand. Learn more

If you decide to fly Scoot Airlines you are most likely to use them for their Singapore connection route. You can fly from the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to Singapore, where you can then continue on a connecting flight to other regions in Asia. Scoot is adding more destinations, including India and Europe to launch in 2017.

Gold Coast arrival.

Gold Coast arrival.

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