Qantas unveiled their new flagship aircraft in Sydney yesterday along with new interior cabin designs and a refreshed livery. The first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner will be in operation next year, with more of the advanced jets in the pipeline. The airline also revealed it’s new livery and a brand refresh, with a new refreshed font and kangaroo. All Qantas jets will be repainted leading up to the 2020 centenary.

Going the distance

While the new routes are still kept under wraps, it’s expected Qantas will use their new Dreamliner’s to replace the existing Boeing 747 routes to begin with. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the first route will be announced later in December with tickets on sale before Christmas.

Alan Joyce at yesterdays event indicated that with a range of the Dreamliner we could see direct Australia to London flights become a possibility, starting with non-stop flights from Perth to London

“We’re planning to make the most of the 787’s amazing range, so we’ve designed the cabin to give Qantas passengers a better experience on long haul flights” said Joyce.

With the Dreamliner rolling out next year and Joyce’s new wide-eyed vision of connecting Australia to the world we can expect to see new direct routes like Melbourne/Brisbane to Dallas, Sydney to Paris and Melbourne to Rome.

Inside a comfier cabin

The new interiors have been carefully designed for long-haul flights, with a large portion of the aircraft allocated to premium and business seating. Economy passengers can still rejoice though, with an extra inch legroom and other added seat features. The Economy cabin will also feature a self-service bar and new in-seat mood lighting.


“The Dreamliner is an aircraft built for comfort. The windows are bigger, it helps reduce jet lag, it’s extremely quiet and there’s a system that smooths out turbulence. Customers are going to love it,” said Qantas boss Alan Joyce.

“We’re also redesigning the in-flight experience for the Dreamliner, from rethinking our menus to making better use of the self-service bars during different phases of flight.”


While the Premium Economy is still kept a secret, there’s plenty to enjoy in the refreshed Business Class suites…

Qantas is sticking with the 1-2-1 layout (yay!) and with a higher capacity of 28 Business seats onboard. The updated Thompson XL Vantage suites are a 80” length flat bed, with enhanced privacy, and a 16” inch IFE screen. You will also notice subtle changes in the wooden texture and aesthetics onboard. All packed with cleaner air, less noise and a smooth journey – the Dreamliner is designed for maximum comfort for all.


A new Kangaroo

The Dreamliner event also revealed a new brand refresh for the airline, with a thinner logo font, livery changes and a evolved kangaroo. Fact: The change is only the fifth time the red-and-white image on the tail of Qantas aircraft has been updated since it was first introduced in 1944.

The new design by Marc Newson will be rolled out on all aircraft by 2020, to symbolise the new era the airline is heading into. The refreshed brand features a new silver band along the tail, a new Kangaroo and a slimmer font.

qantas 787 dreamliner austraveller

“Since the image of a kangaroo first appeared on a Qantas aircraft more than 80 years ago, it’s come to represent the spirit of Australia. When passengers see the Qantas tail at airports around the world, it’s a symbol of home,” said Mr Joyce.

“We wanted to make sure our brand remained familiar but we also wanted it to be more modern and dynamic, like the 787 and like Qantas.”