Scoot is not your usual airline name, neither is it your usual airline. Scoot is about fun, spontaneity and movement, encapsulating the spirit of the Asian-Pacific leisure market. While many low cost carriers have been riding in the red, Scoot is flying high with a recent turn-around profit of US $12.7 million in the last quarter of 2015.

The Singapore Airlines subsidiary may be look relaxed in it’s livery, brand and culture, but there are bold ambitions on the table for growth and long-term stability of the carrier.

Scoot is now servicing 18 destinations, recently adding Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Melbourne to the list. The low cost carrier is pioneering against competitors with a bright culture, strategic routes, a dream fleet of aircraft and a comprehensive suite of products for consumers.

When flying Scoot, customers are given a range of seating options with benefits and value add-ons available to purchase. This keeps the base fare as low as possible, while offering good alternatives for customers wanting some more frills and comfort. Scoot also introduced their own premium economy cabin called ScootBiz – you can read our review here (coming soon).

“Scoot is for the young, and young at heart.”

Dennis Basham, the GM of Scoot Australia says Scoot is for the young, and young at heart. “We offer all of the items our guests could potentially want from flexible luggage options, light or premium meals, airport lounges, frequent flyer points, in-flight entertainment, wifi and more. However, we believe in only paying for what you want therefore offering true value and flexibility to suit everyone.”

Dennis says the Scoot value model is simple for consumers: you can have all the frills if you want, or just grab a seat and ‘get outta here’!


What is Scootitude?

Scoot Chief Executive Campbell Wilson believes the Scoot staff and their unique attitude is what makes the brand experience a success. ‘Scootitude’ is the tagline of the airline’s defining culture, which you will consistently experience when onboard a Scoot flight.

The crew are called the ‘Scootees’ 🙂

Flying Scoot for the first time as a guest, I was personally blown away by how strong and consistent this culture was, so I asked Dennis more about it:

“We call it ‘Scootitude’ which in a few words is how we really like to interact with not only our guests but also each other internally. It’s really how we try and operate the business – engaging, fuss free, reliable, contemporary, friendly & different.” – Dennis Basham

Photo Credit: Simon

Photo Credit: Simon

The dream fleet

The airline’s Q4 results of US $12.7 million profit were largely due to the rollout of a full-service Dreamliner fleet. 10 Boeing 787’s replaced placed ageing Boeing 777’s, opening a new chapter for Scoot with full fleet of modern aircraft.

The new Boeing 787 fleet is a dream to run with 20% better fuel efficiency than the predecessor 777, allowing Scoot to keep prices low while growing capacity. Scoot aims to grow capacity by another 49% beginning April 1st, and takes delivery of its 11th Boeing 787 Dreamliner soon with another 9 on order to arrive in 2016 and into 2017.

“We do see continued growth into additional 2nd tier routes in China, launching 3 routes to India soon and plans further a field into Europe in 2017.” – Dennis Basham

Passengers can enjoy the benefits of the Dreamliner aircraft, which boast new improvements including 100% wifi connectivity, quieter cabins and more spacious interiors. The Dreamliner is a carbon-fibre aircraft that can fly at a cabin altitude pressure equivalent to 2000 feet lower than other aircraft. The change in cabin pressure alongside a new air filter system equals cleaner air cycles and 4 times the moisture in the cabin.


The verdict: we grabbed a ticket!

Since the Scoot spirit is ‘get up and go’, as editor of AusTraveller I couldn’t sit back and do nothing… Before you could say ‘scoot over!’ an airline rep stepped in and generously offered us (me and my mother) guest seats from Gold Coast to Singapore! We flew in Scoot’s economy ‘stretch’ seats departing, and returning we tested out the ScootBiz (review coming soon)  experience.

Off to Singapore in Scoot Stretch. Treated my mother to join me for the weekend!

Off to Singapore in Scoot Stretch. My mother joined me for the Weekeend

The seat

Our seat in stretch class was quite comfortable with a 35” inch pitch legroom, 50% more than the standard seats behind us. Scoot stretch is also up the front of the aircraft situated behind ScootBiz. It’s a quiet zone (no kids) and worth the small fee to upgrade and relax.

You’re also more likely to encounter spare seats around you when booking for stretch, as most customers book up the back in regular economy. Sitting up the front in stretch also helps with getting off the airplane faster! However, as more learn about the stretch cabin we expect this will become a popular option and the cabin will full up for the future.

In each seat there is a power unit that you can purchase for $5 Singapore Dollars, handy to plug a laptop in and keep yourself in the green zone!

scoot stretch seat

Great leg room for an economy seat!

The seat in recline mode. Louisa is enjoying the journey so far.

Each seat has a decent angle of recline, and while there’s no foot rests you can still stretch those legs out in front of you easily when in stretch seats. We recommend booking row 4 in stretch to avoid having a seat in front of you!

In-flight Features:

Every Scoot guest has the option to buy in-flight amenities such as wifi, drinks, sleep-kits, power or even a seat upgrade! You can do all of this via credit or debit card on the flight. There aren’t any surcharges for credit cards (but no amex allowed) and the crew we’re fast and efficient at processing the transactions. It was ‘fuss free’ just as the Scootitude culture promised. Keep in mind: on our flight the currency was Singapore Dollars for everything.

The wifi can be accessed for 1, 3 and 24 hour periods. I bought a 24 hour pass for $22 on the laptop to keep me connected and working during the day flight. The internet streaming is good and there are no download limits. Joining was pretty simple and there’s a countdown home page tab to keep an eye on how long you have remaining of connectivity.

In-flight wifi felt awesome to keep working, and chat to friends in real-time.

In-flight wifi felt awesome to keep working, and chat to friends in real-time.

I also bought access to the power under my seat, as Scoot does not allow this for the base fare economy. Some might argue it’s bad value to charge for power, but it’s in fact aligned to their mission of keeping the ‘no frills’ base fare affordable for those who just want a seat to ‘get outta here’. The power allowed me to keep my laptop at 100% and iPhone, and for just a small $5 fee.

Plenty of headspace above the seats, along with mood led lighting

Plenty of headspace above the seats, along with mood led lighting


The food onboard was quite good, relatively healthy (for airline food) and fulfilling. Most low cost carriers offer a limited range of food options, but Scoot performed well for quality and choices. If you pre-order your food you can select one of their premium hot dishes* which include:

– Singapore chicken and rice
– Dry laksa
– Sweet n sour fish with steamed rice
– Teriyaki chicken

You can also buy extras onboard if you’re feeling peckish: drinks, snacks and and my favourite – KitKats. 🙂 *The menu can change based on season or availability

Good balance of meat, vegetables and sides

Good balance of meat, vegetables and sides


The ‘Scootees’ are what make the Scootitude culture so bright and lively. Many airlines claim they have a vibrant culture, but Scoot shows it off the most. It is most obvious when you walk into the airplane galley filled with their staff smiling, talking and conversing with other passengers. The Scootitude spirit was high and it made the journey more enjoyable for everyone onboard.



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